Vampyr Will Not Have DLC, but Needs 500K in Sales to Be Profitable

The Publisher Feels a Vampyr Sequel Would Be a Better Fit

In a recent interview with MCV UK, Vampyr‘s publisher, Focus Home Interactive, revealed some details about the upcoming vampire-morality action RPG. The publisher had some comments on its delay, working with Dontnod, and also on its lack of DLC and microtransactions.


The publisher’s boss, Cédric Lagarrigue, noted the difficulty of forecasting the sales of a new IP, but its budget is not AAA where the figure would usually be at over €50m. To be considered a success, Vampyr will need to sell 1M copies, but need half of it to be profitable, Lagarrigue explained. He went on to elaborate its lack of DLC. “This is a purely solo experience; we did not plan DLC,” he said.
“We would prefer, if the reception of the game justifies it, to think about a sequel.” I’m not opposed to DLC when done right as it can help keep the lights on for a team at a studio. That said, it seems refreshing that they are pitching the game as a complete package in an era of microtransactions and Season Passes.

Vampyr has been delayed to Q1/Q2 for a release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: MCV UK