The Updated Ys VIII Localization Will Be Almost Completely Rewritten and Re-Recorded

One Hell of an Effort

Just last month, Ys VIII: Lacriomse of Dana dropped and was a pretty great action JRPG despite one glaring issue: its infamous localization. The Western translation was criticized for stiff dialogue and some shoddy voice-over work. It got to the point where NIS America’s President, Takuro Yamashita, stepped in recognizing the issue and promising fans that it would be fixed in a free upcoming patch. On Thursday, we got more clarity about how much of it would be re-worked.

YS viii

In the post, they noted:

We completed the script for the voiced lines on Monday and did a complete read of the lines to check for flow and consistency. (That was the picture that graced the blog from last week.) As we go through the recording process, it’s not uncommon to make edits based on feedback from the director, the talent, or simply because we decide something works a little better. But by and large, the new script is set.

As to the scope of this project, as we ended up rewriting nearly 100% of the script, we will be re-recording nearly everything. The only lines that will be kept are battle lines (exertion noises and the like) and some incidentals. Now would also be a good time to mention that we intend to bring back the entire cast from the first time around.

With the free update coming early next year, this is a pretty amazing effort for the team to go back and do this right, so extensively. In our review, we praised the Ys VIII for its excellent fighting.

Source: NIS America