You Can Now Buy Star Fox for $489.99 on Amazon’s New Retro Zone

No NES or SNES Mini

Amazon launched its new store section that should be of interest to gamers, Retro Zone. You can buy all sorts of goods here where the section’s tagline reads, “Explore awesome retro games, cool action figures, hip clothing, and more.” Beyond the usual stuff you’d expect like retro games, apparel, and books, you can even play purchase some digital games and play them on your Kindle Fire. That said, buying these digital games for Kindle Fire existed before this new old-school gaming section.

Retro Zone

Besides that, you can use Amazon Coins to purchase the digital games sold at Retro Zone. This “feature” is only available to US, UK, DE, JP, FR, IT and ES customers. Here’s the full deets on the Coins:

  • Save up to 25% when you buy Amazon Coins
  • 100 Amazon Coins are worth $1.00 to spend on apps, games, and in-app items
  • Coins you buy never expire
  • Use Amazon Coins on Fire tablets, Fire TV, and on any Android device through the Amazon Appstore
  • Amazon does not collect tax on the purchase of Amazon Coins. Taxes may apply when Coins are spent

I’m pretty sure I’ll never get an Amazon Coin, but I’m interested to see more video game merchandise show up for this corner of Amazon. Hopefully, we’ll be able to grab SNES Minis here down the road.

Source: Amazon