Fight Alongside Space-Faring Vegetation in Original Journey This Summer

Original Journey Out On PC This Summer, Consoles Next Year

Original Journey, a procedurally generated action title from new studio Bonfire Entertainment, is coming to the PC this summer. The game is a dizzying mix of “shooting, platforming, tower-defense, racing, and puzzles.” Also, the good guys are a race of space-faring vegetation. As in, plants that rip around in spaceships fighting other aliens and exploring the galaxy.

Original Journey

You play a Blaster Master-type mech known as The Rookie. There’s all sorts of crazy upgrades you can slap on this thing, including swords, lasers and much bigger swords. There’s also a system in place where you can summon autonomous turrets during boss battles. The art style is reminiscent of an especially-polished notebook sketch come to life. Bonfire Entertainment, the development team responsible for Original Journey, is comprised of six developers based out of Beijing. Six people!

The plot revolves around your character, The Rookie, aiding the Alto in their quest to find the Shadow Planet and save their entire race from certain doom. The available synopsis and trailer doesn’t reveal whether or not The Rookie is an Alto, or merely someone looking to help them avoid extinction. Regardless, there’s a lot going on in the trailer. Feel free to watch it below! Actually, in order to process what you’re seeing, feel free to watch it a few times. If on-screen chaos, detailed 2D art, upgrades and lasers are your thing, this game is going to press all the buttons for you. Hopefully, the full release of the game will contain some more backstory to fill in that “space-faring vegetation” plot point. Can you picture a piranha plant or a tree piloting a mech, crossing the galaxy in a starship, using gnarled branch-hands to operate a complex console of controls? Keep an eye on this one. We’ll be sure to bring you more Original Journey news as it nears release on August 16th, here at COGconnected.

SOURCE: Press Release