“Full Throttle: Remastered” and “Everything” Launches This Month From Double Fine

Developer Double Fine Doubles Down With A Trailer And A Remaster!

Double Fine has a good news for all its fans. The San Francisco based developer has just released information regarding their two newest titles hitting players this month.

First, from a partnership with developer David O’Reilly ,gamers will soon be able to play their newest title Everything. The game, that has been described as a “simulation of reality” will be hitting the PS Store March 21st. The game has also been described as a unique experience. “Everything is a simulation of reality where everything you see is a thing you can be, from animals to planets to galaxies and beyond – you can be the Universe or create your own.” Sounds like quite the trip, check out the trailer below!

The second piece of good news from Double Fine, is the upcoming remaster of the 1995 Lucasarts hit Full Throttle! The adventure of butt kicking biker Ben Throttle are back. The title has been given a reboot with new hand-drawn and 3D high-resolution artwork and remastered audio and music.

A really cool feature is that players will be able to switch back and forth between classic and remastered mode. The game is coming out April 18th and will be available on PS4, PS Vita, and PC! Give the trailer a look below.

The games are both set to be $14.99 each and the preorder are now live! Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more news from COGconnected.