Looks Like Starbreeze is Publishing System Shock 3

Starbreeze and Otherside Teaming Up to Ensure Game is Released

System Shock 3 has just landed a publisher. Starbreeze AB, known for the Payday series as well as Dead by Daylight, will be investing $12 million in order to bring the game to PC and other systems once development is complete.

System Shock 3 Starbreeze

Warren Spector, the director behind the System Shock series, is on board for the development of the game, along with a number of other team members from previous entries in the series. Spector was referred to as “one of the¬†founding fathers of the modern action RPG” by Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson-Klint. Otherside CEO Paul Neurath noted that Andersson-Klint and his company “truly get gamers.”¬†Between the two companies is a wealth of experience in the gaming industry.

As with any major investment, the name of the game is making your money back. It doesn’t seem like this will be a major issue, given the talent involved and the legacy which comes with the System Shock franchise. There’s no release date at present, but the game is planned for PC and “other platforms.” Hopefully this means a PS4 and Xbox One release is in the works. None of this has anything to do with the System Shock 1 remake coming out in 2018. That title is being handled by a totally different company. It will be interesting to see how two different teams handle this legendary action RPG franchise.