System Shock 3 Studio Is Still Working, Says Executive

System Shock 3’s Studio Is Still in Business Despite Multiple Devs Leaving Earlier This Year

After multiple developers at System Shock 3 studio OtherSide Entertainment were seemingly laid off or quit back in February, fans were worried that this upcoming survival horror RPG sequel was cancelled. However, OtherSide marketing executive Walter Somol said last week that the studio is still working, which appeared to imply that System Shock 3 is still being made.

system shock 3

“We’re still here,” Somol said on the studio’s official forums. “We’re all working remotely right now, probably like most of you. Our new concept is coming along nicely and we are really excited about it. We have cool and we think distinctive art style for it and we have that and gameplay coming together in UE4. I know it’s a tease, but I just can’t really say anything about it at this point.”

“I hope you all are staying safe and healthy in these unfortunate times,” he added. “Maybe even gaming more than usual, I know I am.”

Somol didn’t provide any further details but, for now, it appears that System Shock 3 (despite having run into so many problems such as having to make a game while searching for a new publisher and a mass exodus of its developers) might still come out. Or not?

What do you make of this news? Do you think that this game is still coming out eventually? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.