Total War: Three Kingdoms Collectors Edition Unboxing Video Shows Awesome Statue

Unboxing the Total War: Three Kingdoms Collectors Edition

Steeped in rich lore and China’s great history, the Three Kingdoms saga is a story that has been told and retold many times in media, from Romance of the Three Kingdoms based on the true history of the nation, the Dynasty Warriors franchise, and now within the brilliant tactics series, Total War. With the now iconic tale of some of histories greatest men as part of the Total War franchise, SEGA has brought forth the Collectors Edition box with some truly beautiful additions. Check out our unboxing of Total War: Three Kingdoms below to see for yourself.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Collectors Edition not only includes bonus content to unlock the Yellow Turbans – a resistance movement during that time – but also features a double sided poster with a map on one side and various warlords on the other, an exclusive art book, a very fine limited edition case, and last but not least, a 31cm statue of my favorite hero from the Dynasty Warriors series: Guan Yu. Total War: Three Kingdoms blends the strategy of the Total War franchise with the lore and history of the Three Kingdoms in an all new and fantastic experience.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is available now on PC, Mac, and Linux. For more information, check the game’s official website.