Spider-Man Video Review – A Superhero Marvel

Spider-Man Video Review

Spider-Man is upon us! The latest and greatest web-slinging Marvel game is here, so strap on your spidey suit and get ready for just, a lot of web-slinging. Yes there’s other ways to traverse the Big Apple, but why would you want to use them? If you’re looking for the straight scoop on Insomniac’s superhero spider saga, look no further! Our man Paul Sullivan has you covered, with a comprehensive breakdown of everything he loved about this singular Spider-Man experience.

To quote the man himself on this most serious spider subject:

Spider-Man isn’t reinventing any wheels, but each aspect of the experience is utterly brilliant. Unbelievably gorgeous, ridiculously polished, and packing everything you’re looking for from a Spidey experience, Marvel’s Spider-Man is sheer joy from tip to tail. It’s the best superhero game of all time.

That’s right, hold on to your butts: this one’s coming in hot. On top of that excellent swinging system, the graphics are astounding, the story will drop your jaw and the combat is fabulous. Check out the video embedded above for the whole story on just where this game fits in the great pantheon of Spider-Man games.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is out on PS4 September 7th, 2018.