Sakura Wars is An Inspired Concept That Just Doesn’t Blossom

Sakura Wars Video Review

The Sakura Wars media franchise has existed since 1996 and spanned across games, anime, manga, and more. Owned by SEGA, this is the first time in roughly 14 years the franchise has graced a console, giving it plenty of time to reintroduce the world of Sakura Wars to gamers and give it a burst of modern mechanics and technology. Set in a Japanese steampunk world about fighting demons with mechs, there is plenty to work with to start a whole new epic franchise – especially given how popular all of those individual ingredients are. Any good series needs a solid footing to lay the groundwork for future entries, so how did Sakura Wars do in bringing this unique hybrid to light on modern consoles? Check out our video review below to find out.

Sakura Wars is a Japanese steampunk game from the long-running multimedia franchise of the same name. Players take on the roll of the head of a failing defense division, tasked with piloting mechs in battle against demons similarly equipped with mechs. Gameplay is split into two portions: combat and the more civilized approach of exploration and conversation in town. You’ll need to build relationships with those around you and work to restore your division to its former glory and save the team on the verge of being disbanded as well as suiting up and piloting into battle. While both of these segments are unique and yet familiar to fans of any mech related anime, neither section feels quite complete. Travelling through town is slow and conversations seem to drag. Combat, on the other hand, is as fast-paced as you might like, however, the controls and tactics are incredibly limited to just a few commands leading to incredibly repetitive gameplay. As a whole, the experience can be enjoyable but neither part feels quite ready. It’s an awkward first step, but one that could prove useful for creating a truly grand experience in the future.

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