Video: Final Fantasy VII Remake Analysis and Spoilercast

Final Fantasy VII Remake Video – Analysis and Spoilercast

Now that Final Fantasy VII Remake has been out for a couple of weeks, it’s time we discuss the game in every aspect — including its controversial ending. In the video below, our Press X To Podcast hosts dissect the game and spoil everything. If you still haven’t played yet and you don’t want major spoilers, come check it out again once you’re ready! If you aren’t sensitive to all the spoilers, be sure to listen to our full analysis of Final Fantasy VII Remake by hitting play on the video below.

Final Fantasy VII was originally released for Playstation back in 1997, and the remake came out on April 10. In our official review, we praised the game and stated:

“On the scale of Final Fantasy games, Remake still soars. The story is laid out with an auteur’s obsessive eye, every scene plucking the heart strings. the battles are a breezy, yet bloody, affair that never goes stale. The graphics are ridiculous, turning every character into a model-beautiful specter sure to haunt your dreams. More than a steady grasp towards the platonic Final Fantasy ideal, this game achieves something unusual. Here then, is the Final Fantasy VII you remember, the shining vision of your youth, untouched by the decays of time. Wherever Square Enix goes from here, we can’t possibly get there soon enough. Miss out on Final Fantasy VII: Remake at your peril.”

Final Fantasy VII Remake Fighting Arena

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