Counting Down The Best Video Game Surprises of 2020

Best Surprises of 2020

Each year, an array of games come out of seemingly nowhere and capture something that players didn’t even know they wanted! Whether it be wobbly jellybean avatars traversing Takeshi’s Castle style courses or an apex predator, stalking prey in the deep seas, 2020 has been stacked with games that explore the weird and wonderful. So, we here at COGconnected have decided to rank the best surprises of 2020!

Although 2020 has been horrific, gamers have been treated to a plethora of brilliant titles. Games like Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time surpassed expectations, reinvigorating the series, and others like the indie phenomenon, Fall Guys, became a global hit with millions of streams on Twitch. In an odd year, it almost seems fitting that we have had a range of strange games that have made our time stuck indoors much more manageable. So check out our video below that counts down the best video game surprises of 2020.

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