Top 10 Video Game Characters of 2020

Best Characters of 2020

Video games have spawned some of the most iconic characters in existence. From the mustachioed plumber to the imposing Greek God, characters that originated in video games have become part of popular culture and have helped build the industry into the powerhouse it is today. With an array of incredible games that have been released in 2020, we here at COGconnected have decided to rank the best characters of the year!

In an industry full of iconic characters, it’s difficult for new protagonists to step up and connect with audiences. Luckily, 2020 has proven to be a great year for new characters as an influx of incredible personalities from AAA developers to Indie studios hit our systems throughout the year. From the deep depths of hell to the bustling streets of Japan, video games have taken us to unique and fascinating places this year. So, whether it’s new characters introduced to an existing franchise or a brand new game altogether, we have ranked all the best characters of 2020 in the video below.

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