Press X To Podcast Presents COGconnected’s GOTY 2018 Deliberations

Press X To Podcast GOTY 2018

Well well well, I bet you thought we were gone for good, didn’t you? The Press X Crew has been biding their time until this very moment in which Paul Sullivan, Trevor Houston, James Paley, and Garrett Drake have come together to discuss this years top 10 Game of the Year contenders! Over the last few weeks the staff here at COGconnected have voted in a ton of categories for a variety of awards including Best Narrative, Best Pixel Art, Best Performance, and so much more. While we did all pitch in for each category it finally came time to discuss which games were truly the best of the best! It was a long discussion, harsh words were exchanged, Paul’s beloved Hitman 2 didn’t take the top spot and James’ epic RPG Octopath Traveler wasn’t quite given the love he had hoped for, but in the end the team put together a list that was without rival. If you’ve got the time and miss hearing our lovely, sultry voices, you ought to join in and check out the podcast to hear exactly why each entry was chosen. Where can you find it you ask? Why we just happen to have it right here! Enjoy!

Maybe you don’t have the time to listen to our deliberations for two hours, maybe you just want the short and sweet answer? Well we also happen to have a nice handy video to get right to the point and show off our final pics! Isn’t that convenient? Check it out below.

Now as Trevor alluded to, the Press X Crew is getting their act together and hopefully can return to a properly scheduled and regular time so if you haven’t yet signed up to the Press X To Podcast, what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Official Subscription page so you can hear it first the next time Press X puts out a podcast! and of course you can always head to the Official Press X Facebook page to chat with members of the Press X Crew and the COGconnected staff!

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