Last Year: The Nightmare Gameplay Video Highlights Kills, Thrills and Gore

Last Year: The Nightmare Gameplay Highlights

If you enjoyed our video review of Last Year: The Nightmare, you’ll want to check out our ten-or-so minute gameplay highlights of the teen-based horror experience. Centered around five teenagers trying to survive Halloween night in the year of our lord 1996 (most notable worldwide for the release of the original Tomb Raider), the multiplayer horror game has these teens running from a terrible monstrous figure hellbent on destroying them. And no, it’s not the gym coach.

What’s most fun about these highlights is, of course, the fun the players had making the video. It’s a lot of fun to watch them explore the school and its atmospheric horror when these guys are out there poking dead lunch ladies- even enough fun to forget that there’s a murderer chasing them (well, until he appears again). Not only that, but you get a chance to see what the character archetypes are like in action, from the nerd to the jock, and not only that, there’s plenty of gameplay action from both the students’ and killer’s perspective. Our highlights show you many different and often hilarious ways you can die in this haunted high school. If you’re tempted to cut out before the end, don’t: it only gets better as the minutes roll by.

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