Press X to Podcast – Episode 3.22 – Nose Christmas

Press X to Podcast – Episode 3.22

Paul Sullivan, James Paley, and Rhett Waselenchuk are back with another episode of the continually hilarious and always entertaining Press X to Podcast. Join the gang as they discuss the wonderful world of video games.

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With EA having a difficult year, releasing full titles that seem to be lacking any significant updates on previous iterations, the boys debate their practices and give their thoughts on how they could alter their business model for next-gen. Speaking of next-gen, as this is the most talked about topic in the industry, the gang also discusses the technical aspects of the consoles that will be sitting in our living rooms in November. Be prepared to laugh and learn in the latest episode of Press X To Podcast. So stop reading and check out Episode 3.22 – Nose Christmas below!

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