Press X To Podcast: COGconnected’s Video Game Podcast Debut

COGconnected’s Press X To Podcast – Episode 1

Welcome one and all to the debut of COGconnected’s Press X To Podcast! Remember to dial in and subscribe to Press X To Podcast across any of your favorite podcast mediums here¬†where you have the privilege of listening to COGconnected’s own Paul Sullivan, Shawn Petraschuk, and Trevor Houston discuss the things we all know and love: video games.

On our debut episode, Paul, Shawn, and Trevor discuss the surprising rise and success of the Nintendo Switch, as well as some of the curious decisions Nintendo has made in the past that ultimately led them to their resurgence as a video game powerhouse. They also take a look at the potential for exclusive titles from Microsoft, discuss the sorry fate of LawBreakers and the unfortunate but ultimately entertaining actions taken by CliffyB.


Finally, the gang size’s up their expectations for 2018 compared to the absolutely phenomenal year we just had. What games are Paul, Shawn, and Trevor looking forward to the most this year? What games sit embarassingly high on their pile of shame – the titles they somehow neglected? Listen in below to find out more and get to know us here at COGconnected.

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