Dolmen Video Review – Dark Souls Goes Deep Space

Dolmen Video Review

Dark Souls has become one of those video games that everyone wants to emulate or at least get a piece of money-wise. Dolmen is an example of that, but it does that thing where things are just different enough that people won’t call it a blatant rip-off.

Instead of a dark fantasy setting, Dolmen is set in space. It takes place on an alien world crawling enemies with tentacles and sort-of Lovecraftian features. Your character is sent to this planet to check out a mining operation gone wrong. The resource being mined is called Dolmen and it’s purpose may or may not have something to do with all the monsters you encounter.


Perhaps the biggest departure from the Soulsborne formula is that Dolmen’s story is very present. Instead of going out of your way for lore, the player is directly involved with the plot.

As for the features you will find familiar, you have your standard light attack, heavy attack, stamina management, and dodging/parrying. You also have limited healing items, but the twist is that your healing items also double as ammo for long ranged weapons.

Unfortunately for Dolmen and all the other games looking to take that Souls crown, there’s a game called Elden Ring. They will have to compete with FromSoftware’s most refined title and one of the strongest contenders for 2022’s game of the year.

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