You Can Wishlist Payday 3 on Steam Now

Year of the Money

Just like a criminal enterprise, legit businesses are hard too. Starbreeze Studios when through some hard financial times a few years ago. Thankfully, instead of turning to crime, they added more content to Payday 2. This helped fund their ventures for Payday 3.

Flash forward to today, Starbreeze just unveiled the new logo for the game on Steam. It’s pretty simple. It has the title wrapped in a white boarder with the 3 at the end. You know. It’s Payday. It’s not as flashy or clever as the previous game having the 2 mashed together with a dollar sign, but it works.

The Payday 3 logo is accompanied by a new teaser. The short video shows what appear to be New Years Eve fireworks. You know, to be topical. Your favorite masked bank robbers are seen looking over the water at the skyline of the city, just at their fingertips. It’s just like the teaser image released almost two years ago.

Other than the teaser and logo, there’s not much else to glean from. The synopsis of the game is that there is a new threat to the Payday Gang that forces them to returning to their bank-robbing ways. Supposedly, Payday 3 will shift to more modern currencies, like digital transactions and cryptocurrency. Hopefully, their hard-earned stolen wealth’s value doesn’t crash after the first mission.

Well, there’s about 363 more days that Starbreeze could possibly release this game. There is just no telling when we will finally get our mitts on it. Mitts, so that we don’t leave behind fingerprints. Payday 3 will definitely be coming PC, but you can also bet on Xbox and PlayStation at least.

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