World of Horror Leaves Early Access This Summer

A Whole New World

It’s crazy how once the clock hits midnight on January 1st, everything becomes brand new. It’s a clean slate. If you played World of Horror before, playing it later in 2023 will be like a brand new experience! Just, uh… wait until the summer when it leaves early access.

That’s right. After being in early access for almost three years, World of Horror will officially be coming out. The last time we covered it was at Halloween in 2020, so it is time to see how much the game has grown. In the waning days of 2022, publisher Ysbryd Games announced that this is the year for this game. It will launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

World of Horror cutscene

This game has a fairly unique combination of elements at play. It is a horror roguelite that is visually akin to retro pixel art games. As you play each of your runs, you accumulate event cards. These help you unlock new endings and outcomes.

World of Horror is expected to come out this summer, however there is no official release date. Neither the publishers nor the developers have specified if the game will launch on all its supported platforms simultaneously or staggered over time.

The expected release window for World of Horror is Summer 2023. It will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. You can buy the early access version right now on Steam, Microsoft Store, GOG, and

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