Explained: What is Return to Player In a Casino?

Online casinos are very popular globally. The popularity has made the industry very attractive; hence there are many options. Additionally, the number of online casino games has also increased significantly. In this sense, players must consider different factors when selecting the best online games. One such factor is RTP.

What is RTP?

Online casino operators use the term Return to Player (RTP) to describe the percentage of the total money a player wagers on a specific type of slot or game they pay back to players. Ideally, this is the amount of money a casino game pays back its customers.

RTP is usually expressed as a percentage. Furthermore, it is calculated from gameplay over an extended period. In essence, RTP is the opposite calculation of “house edge.”

How to Calculate RTP

Theoretically, calculating a game’s RTP is straightforward. You simply divide the total amount returned to players by the total amount the player gambled. However, RTP on slot games can be misleading because it does not indicate how often a player can expect to win.

Conversely, it is more straightforward to calculate RTP for games like blackjack, where players know they can win about half of their bets. Slots usually payout massive jackpots pay less often but considerably more.

Nonetheless, the result will always be the same after some time. Broadly speaking, casino games RTPs are:

American Roulette – 94.7 percent

American and European Roulette feature two games: Even-money shots, including odds/evens, red/blacks, and wagers on the main layout on numbers in a slit, straight-up, row, street, and corner. Minimal roulette turnover comes through bets on 2/1 shots like rows and dozens.

Nonetheless, all these wagering opportunities on www.gambleonline.co/en-ca/casino/games/roulette/ have the exact weighting when calculating American Roulette’s overall RTP. It’s up to the players to select their preferred choice.

European Roulette – 97.3 percent

European Roulette offers better RTP than those promoted in Vegas casinos. The difference is about 2.6 percent which may not seem significant at first. But, if you are backing even-money shots and quantifying different RTPs, a zero will land twice as often, and whenever that happens, the even-money bets suffer a complete loss twice as often.

Online Slots – 93-99 percent

RTP is more relevant to online slots because players can gamble their money faster with slots than with other casino games. A slot with a decent RTP allows players to play more for their money.

As a result, most slots players look at a game’s RTP before playing. Nowadays, you will find many real-life casinos offering more generous RTPs.

In this sense, there are low variance slots that offer little chance of losing your cash quickly. These slot machines pay out numerous small prizes and moderate jackpots regularly. On the flip side, high-variance slots payout wins less often, but the rewards are more significant.

Blackjack RTP

Online casinos offer a wide range of blackjack games with different RTPs. When you play using a faultless strategy, Premium Blackjack offers a theoretical RTP of 99.67%, while Classic Blackjack offers 99.4%.

However, a few players can play using a faultless strategy, and those that do it usually struggle to remain disciplined. Nonetheless, even in the worst Blackjack games played with the worst strategies, the RTP never goes down beyond 95%.

Final Thoughts

RTP is a critical tool for any serious online casino gamer. In this sense, it helps to play a game with the highest RTPs as it increases your possibility of winning often.