OlliOlli World: VOID Riders DLC Review – Take Your Brain to Another Dimension

OlliOlli World: VOID Riders Review

OlliOlli World landed bolts back in February. Mechanically tight and packed with a ton of character, the game managed to kickflip over the bar set by Roll7’s previous outings. Now that the dust has settled, they are ready to make a return to the vert with their first-ever expansion: VOID Riders. Will this fresh slice of DLC soar to new heights or be a complete wipeout?

The mighty Nebulord is here and his minions are intent on the collection of fine skater specimens. With your trusty board, you must venture forth on a gravity-defying adventure. Its setup and narrative as a whole are a little thin but let’s be honest, you’re not playing OlliOlli World for the deep and complex story. This is a title that positions gameplay at the forefront and it absolutely nails that aspect. 

Memorable DLC evolves elements of the game with the addition of new mechanics and themes that make it feel fresh. VOID Riders is the epitome of this. The alien aesthetic makes new sections instantly recognizable. While its signature color palette is still present, it perfectly lends itself to the extraterrestrial premise. However, the real stand out is how Roll7 uses this to create a truly out-of-this-world experience.

Unidentified Flying Objects inhabit the environment and some emit tractor beams. If you perform a grab maneuver while in the purple light, you begin to rise. This simple but effective idea makes for some incredible sequences that will have you flicking each thumbstick to pirouette between complex and hazardous courses. The alien rays open up options to grind through different routes. As you can release your grab at any point, you can decide how high you want to float and which route you wish to take.

Beam Me Up!

In the base game, there was the odd level that built the course as you progressed, however, in VOID Riders, this is amped up! UFOs manipulate the environment so that you have to quickly react to the traversal need that suddenly appears. For example, rails can be raised from the swamps to take you on unpredictable routes and boards shoot up for you to quickly ride to safety. This means that you have to constantly react to upcoming requirements, which creates plenty of edge-of-your-seat moments.

Each portion of the DLC comes with an end-of-segment boss, which alters the focus. For example, in one you race against a creature through a winding course and in another, you use the tractor beams to collect a number of objects in a specified time. A highlight is the final boss, which will test your skill and patience. In addition to the 18 new levels, are the challenges that accompany these. Each stage has a plethora of objectives that will require you to revisit each area in order to 100% the game. Rewards for this are additional gear that will add a far-out spacey twist to your appearance. 

Unfortunately, you can complete VOID Riders within a couple of hours. Even though each level is masterfully constructed, they are quite short. The game is incredibly addictive and you’ll find yourself having one more go, which means you’ll reach the end quite quickly. While you most likely will be left wanting more, there is plenty of incentive to revisit previous levels.

It Sounds Alien

A strange but apt combination of EDM and Jazz will back your ride through Radlandia. Similar to the base game but with a spacey flair, the unobtrusive but hypnotic rhythms will keep you in a state of relaxation when you attempt to chain a complex combination through a wonderful, morphing world.

OlliOlli World: VOID Riders is an excellent extension of the base game. It maintains key aspects of the title and adds new layers to create a fresh experience. Every level is a blast. The new tractor beam will challenge aficionados of the franchise as you will have to reconsider your approach to the run. Roll7’s focus on the course materializing before your very eyes is a joy to experience and creates some stunning set pieces. Even though the DLC is a little short, it’s the perfect catalyst for you to ollie back into Radlandia.

*** An Xbox Series X key provided by the publisher ***

The Good

  • Game-Changing Tractor Beam
  • Dynamic Levels
  • Extremely Addictive

The Bad

  • It’s Pretty Short
  • The New Characters Aren’t As Interesting
  • Left Wanting More