Top 5 Video Games of January 2019

The Best Releases of January 2019

Well, Christmas is past and New Year’s is almost over, but the cycle of games never ends. December was a big month between Just Cause 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but time marches on and we’re onto January 2019 with some big games ahead of us. What mysteries and delights does January hold? 

Walking Dead: The Final Season – Episode 3 (January 15, 2019) – PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch  

One of the biggest events of 2018 was the sudden (or not-so-sudden, if you’d be been paying attention) closure of the beloved studio Telltale Games, which was responsible for the smash success The Walking Dead game series, which covers the stories of a small band of survivors as they navigate the zombie apocalypse. The status of its half-released final season has been in limbo for some time now, but we can be tentatively hopeful that, on January 15, we’ll have the chance to play the swan song for Telltale ourselves.  

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown (January 18, 2019) – PS4, Xbox One, PC 

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is a combat flight action game that centers around the conflict between the Osean Federation and the Kingdom of Erusea. So, you know, relatable stuff- except it actually is, as the plot of the long-running Bandai Namco series is secondary to the ability to pilot planes that are as identical as possible to real-life models. If you know this already, you’re probably a fan who’s eagerly waiting for that next installment.