Resident Evil 2, 3 & 7 Are Getting Ray Tracing Patches This Year

Three Resident Evil Games Are Getting Ray Tracing Later This Year

Three Resident Evil titles are officially going to get ray tracing patches this year. Capcom has officially announced that next-gen versions of RE 2, 3, and 7 will be coming at an undisclosed date later in 2022. These updated versions will bring the games up to speed with the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

In addition to ray tracing support, the free graphical updates for the remakes will also bring 3D audio and a high frame rate mode. This may not mean much to PC users. After all, all of the three titles already support unlocked frame rates. Still, PC fans are welcoming some official ray tracing support.

resident evil 2 3 7 getting ray tracing patches this year

Resident Evil fans who already own these titles on their Xbox One or PS4 can get the updates at no extra cost. A digital upgrade option will be made available for PS5 users. Xbox, on the other hand, offers its Smart Delivery feature. This will automatically play the current-gen version of the games once launched. For PC, the upgrades will arrive in an update.

Furthermore, PS5 owners will also get some bonuses. The patch will bring DualSense support for all of the three games, complete with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

Even without the graphical updates, Capcom’s most recent Resident Evil games and their remakes are reportedly among the most visually impressive games in the market today. Their back stories barely overlap with one another. Still, each of them show precisely how good Capcom is when it comes to making horror games.

RE 2 is a bold reimagining of the studio’s 1998 hit PS1 title. RE 7 goes first-person with a completely different type of environment and an even more twisted sense of dread. The RE 3 remake has received good reviews but reportedly does not give a must-play vibe the way its predecessor does.

Capcom has not revealed much about how extensive the ray tracing will be at the moment. Still, the screenshots show much prettier reflections.

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