Top 5 Video Games Arriving in August 2019

Control – Aug 27 – PC, PS4, X1

The latest title from Remedy Entertainment puts players into another third-person action-adventure game. Control is a game that seemed to look more like a really awesome tech demo but has since revealed an interesting story and solid gameplay elements. Players take on the role of the Federal Bureau of Control’s (a secret government agency) new Director, as they explore the headquarters which has been invaded by a deadly, supernatural enemy. The game features interesting weaponry, a “Metroidvania” format, and the bending of spacetime.

Metal Wolf Chaos XD – Aug 6 – PC, PS4, X1

Originally published and developed by familiar developer FromSoftware, Metal Wolf Chaos XD is a third-person shooter with a focus on piloting an armored mech. Although the game never made its way West when it first released, it puts players in the role of the President of the United States manning an armored mech. The original game has memorable voice acting, and that aspect of the game will remain intact. In our preview from last year, we noted that we were “absolutely certain that this was the right call.”

Astral Chain – Aug 30 – Switch

Astral Chain may very well be PlatinumGames at its best yet again. In the future, an interdimensional invasion is occurring and it is up to the player character, a rookie officer in an elite police task force, to work with their Legion to solve cases and save humanity. Is the narrative already a bit out there? Well, a Legion is a living weapon that acts as a second character, giving players control over both at once. Astral Chain is arguably the biggest title of the month, and we look forward to saving humanity yet again.

What are you looking forward to in August 2019? Let us know in the comments below.