8 Reasons Why Dauntless Is a Killer Co-Op You Need to Play

8 Reasons to Play Dauntless Right Now

I’m sure at some point – whether scouring social media, flipping through the online stores, or popping up in random conversation, you have heard the name Dauntless. With over 10 million players so far it’s hard to imagine you haven’t heard it, but that doesn’t mean you know exactly what that is. Whether looking for a new adventure to get lost in or you want something to can play in short bursts, Dauntless has something for everyone and the game is constantly growing. So just what is Dauntless and why should you be playing it? Well, that’s what I am here to help you discover. Here eight reasons you should be playing Dauntless right now.

8. Accessible and Inspired

The two most important things to know about the game are also first on this list! Dauntless draws heavy inspiration from the iconic Monster Hunter franchise, utilizing the mechanic of banding together to take on giant monsters – called Behemoths – to harvest and collect parts for crafting and upgrading in an enjoyable loot cycle. Whereas Monster Hunter will see you explore complex connected land masses, encountering a wide variety of fauna and flora, worrying about max stamina levels, cooking, fishing, and sharpening your weapons, Dauntless takes a streamlined and accessible approach. Choose your appropriate loadout, head off into the wilderness, and take down the beast. For those who don’t want to constantly break down stat calculations and figure out which trapping method is best and just want to get to the action, Dauntless is for you.

7. Play as Long as you Like

Hunts are contained in multi-leveled floating landmasses with only the behemoth to challenge in glorious combat. Based on your teams skill, you can easily complete a hunt in under 10 minutes (although you do have a maximum time limit of 30 minutes) these shorter, high intensity battles and the plethora of quests at hand make this an easy experience to grind out one or two battles for parts or sit down for some lengthy play sessions to get that new axe you’ve been wanting and max out its power. Dauntless wants you to be in the battle to keep the people safe; how often you do that is up to you, but the more time you invest the deeper you are pulled into this world.

6. Team Tactics are Key

Despite being a simplified version of Monster Hunter, Dauntless employs some very key tactics. When entering a battle – be it a Patrol (taking on a random behemoth of a specific elemental type) or a Pursuit (battling a specific behemoth) tactics will make or break the battle. Elemental resistances and weaknesses play a key factor, as well as your weapon loadout. A team of Repeaters will be able to stay at a safe distance, but you’ll deal such a small amount of damage it won’t be worth it. Having a balanced team of warriors will be crucial to survival, so if you see any more than two of the same weapon class going into battle, think about changing up your weapon to even the field.


5. What’s in your Pocket?

You’ll be able to craft a variety of items for the hunt, but you can only equip four of them before heading out. Knowing what you’ll be up against will be very important to choosing your gear – much like picking the right weapon for the job. With a plethora of grenades and buffs to choose from, this adds just one extra layer that makes the experience what you want it to be; want to run up and smash the behemoth in the face? Be sure to take the armor buff potion. Prefer DPS? There are quite a few types of grenades. Like to be supported? They even made a grenade that will explode on the enemy and break into health orbs for your allies! Experiment to find what works for you.