8 Reasons Why Dauntless Is a Killer Co-Op You Need to Play

4. Wait, it did What?!

One of my favorite aspects of the game; Behemoths are not all going to act the same way. Each one not only has a unique look and skill set, but they each think and act in different ways. The Charrogg is slow but will surround itself with devastating flamethrower attacks, an Embermane is incredibly fast and will charge full speed to knock you over, and a Skraev can not only move quickly, but will fly up high and drop down on top of you or launch waves of freezing ice sheets at you. Each enemy not only requires elemental advantage to take down, but an adjustment in your tactics and an understanding of their movements.

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3. Your Path is Your Own

While there are quests to guide you along in the game you’ll soon reach a point where you can grind for whatever parts you want. Whether you need to craft a new sword or upgrade your axe to the next tier, not only are there a plethora of options at hand but each of these smaller goals are quite achievable and satisfying to complete. If I wanted a new lantern I would need to grind for parts from the Embermane. My weapon of choice – the Repeater – did not yet have an ice attack, but the part I would need to craft it could only be harvested from a Skraev. Gearing up for the cold I easily defeated the Skraev, got its tail feathers, and used those to craft the necessary part to take down Embermanes even easier. It might just be grinding, but it feels more significant considering how easily you can get what you want in one sitting.

2. How much does it Cost? What about Micros?

Dauntless is free. Completely. Currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with plans for it to launch on Switch later this year, Dauntless is a quick download away from jumping into the fray to protect the people from the horrible behemoths which continue to threaten your very way of life. While some have criticized the game for being a “smaller Monster Hunter,” the truth is it is packed full of content to give it its own identity, and the fact that it’s a free game is kind of mind-blowing when you see what it has to offer. As for the second question, YES, Dauntless has microtransactions. These, however, are 100% cosmetic options to re-skin your armor or weapons, add new emotes, or simply buy new colors to paint your armor. After completing the first few missions you will already unlock a variety of colors, the others can be purchased for a small amount. None of this purchasable gear will give a player any advantage; it is purely cosmetic and reasonably priced.

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1. Cross-Platform… Everything

Not only does Dauntless offer cross-platform play so you and your friends can hunt together regardless of your console of choice, but it also features cross-save. I originally began my journey slaying behemoths on my PlayStation 4 and soon transferred my saves to the Xbox One with ease. This kind of connectivity might not seem like a big deal to some, but this is a fantastic step forward for the gaming industry and speaks volumes about where we are headed. Seeing the random hunters I team with on PC, PS4, and Xbox One is a great reminder that we are all just gamers who want to share the experience together and I feel that resonates with the growing maturity of our industry. With or without a mic, the community has been helpful in every single hunt I have participated in with speedy revives, buff drops, and general teamwork.

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