Ranking The Top 5 Moments From the Ubisoft E3 2018 Press Conference

2. Beyond Good and Evil 2

Dropping from last year’s #1 spot, Beyond Good and Evil 2 was showcased more with some drop-dead gorgeous graphics better than some blockbuster movies. Learning more about the characters and backstory was great, and seeing the return of Jade is sure to make fans of the original game even more hyped for the final product. We even got to see a few clips of some basic alpha gameplay which was nice as we all wanted to know how it would look and play outside of cinematics. The big reveal here was the inclusion of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his studio HitRecord.org. The gaming community will be able to submit art, music, writing, and all number of collaborative works through HitRecord.org to have their own efforts get put into the game. Nothing like this has ever really happened, let alone to a game of such monumental scale. This is a huge project and one that reinforces Ubisoft’s dedication to the fans and their desire to truly put their games in the hands of the gamer.

1. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

This one barely edged out Beyond Good and Evil 2 for the #1 spot, but if a certain keychain hadn’t popped up it would easily take this place. Origins was an absolutely powerhouse of a game; it was accessible, a brand new direction, and an absolute joy to get lost in. Taking everything Origins did, enhancing the experience and putting it in Ancient Greece is simply brilliant. Greek tales are iconic, the story of Leonidas is legendary, and to make you play his descendant with his legendary spear is just awesome. The world looks lush and gorgeous, the politics are sure to be legendary, and the inclusion of a dialogue choice option only cements this new RPG route the series has taken. Assassin’s Creed has always balanced the line between realism and fantasy, but taking the story to Egypt and now Greece has opened the doors for so much more, something we witness in the closing moments of the new trailer as Kassandra comes face to face with the minotaur. This is going to be a truly epic journey and the more we hear about this game, the better it will be.

Of course, these aren’t the only announcements from Ubisoft, only the top five from E3 2018. For full coverage of all of Ubisoft’s announcements and E3 in general, be sure to keep it locked here on COGconnected. A few honorable mentions go to the following announcements:

  • Starlink is coming to Switch, and will exclusively feature Starfox
  • A new documentary on Rainbow 6 Siege players titled “Another Mindset”


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