Sony at E3 2018: The Best, The Worst & The Cringiest Moments

Sony Had A Pretty Solid Showing at E3 This Year But They Certainly Had Some…Awkward Moments

Sony’s E3 conference on Monday was, overall, an enjoyable one but there’s no such thing as a perfect conference. While it certainly had its great moments there were still parts that were cringe-worthy or even outright bad. Here’s a rundown of the best, the worst and the most cringe-inducing moments of their E3 2018 event!

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The Best Moments

1) Be Afraid of Ellie! Very Afraid!

It was no surprise that gameplay for The Last of Us Part II got revealed this year especially since the game first got revealed back in 2016 at PSX so gameplay was bound to be shown eventually. However, I wasn’t expecting it to be this…brutal. After a poignant moment between Ellie and another woman, there’s a transition to Ellie slitting the throat of a cultist before quietly stalking her way through a forest.

From then on, the gameplay steadily gets more and more intense as Ellie shoots her way out of several close calls until she ends up fighting a massive dude in a dilapidated store. She then proves to be even more violent than her surrogate dad Joel when her fight with this guy ends with his head getting decapitated from his body.

Some have criticized The Last of Us Part II for being too violent but honestly, I think that this gameplay demo is going to stick with me for a while mainly because of its brutality and this was definitely a highlight of Sony’s E3 conference.

2) No One Understands Death Stranding And That’s Okay

Let’s be honest for a minute: No one actually understands what’s going on with Death Stranding. Sure, we all like shaking our heads and smiling while thinking, “Oh, that wacky Kojima! He’s at it again, haha!”. But deep down we’re all really thinking the same thing: “What the actual f*ck was that?”

And you know what? That’s fine! Most of Metal Gear Solid 2 didn’t make sense but it sure was fun to think about and make up crazy theories about what it could all really mean. The same could be said for Death Stranding when it eventually comes out in 2077 right alongside Cyberpunk 2077!

Just sit back and enjoy another crazy ride from Hideo Kojima is what I say!

3) Ghost of Tsushima Might Be The Best Looking Game of This Gen

Sucker Punch’s upcoming game Ghost of Tsushima looks amazing graphics-wise and its gameplay looked pretty solid as well. This is the first time in the developers’ history where they’ve had a melee-focused combat system and, so far, the combat looks pretty good.

However, it was really the stylized graphics that stuck with me. It seems like there’s this balance between being realistic & having cel-shaded graphics and that’s what is making this game really stick out for me. This was especially apparent in the final showdown towards the end of the demo between the protagonist Jin and his ally Matsako, where the two face each other while the sun sets.

Ghost of Tsushima might end up being yet another typical open-world game but at least it’ll have some pretty screenshots!