Sony at E3 2018: The Best, The Worst & The Cringiest Moments

The Worst Moment

The Intermission


black ops

Sony has been doing these E3 conferences for a while so I honestly don’t think that there were many moments this year where they definitely messed up. However, there was one terrible moment that stuck out to me.

Fresh off a stunning gameplay reveal for The Last of Us Part II, one would think that Sony would’ve taken the advantage and blow us away with another trailer or gameplay demo. Instead, they decided to have a boring intermission period that lasted for minutes and mostly included a whole lot of talking.

I’m baffled as to why exactly they decided to do this especially after only showing one game. Was it technical problems? Did the schedule get screwed up? What happened? I went from being amazed by seeing such heart-pounding action to clicking away from the tab that had the livestream of the conference so I could check Twitter in order to kill time! I think I even muted the conference for a little bit since the intermission went on for way too long.

Momentum is one of the most important things you can have for an E3 conference and Sony fumbled it after showing off such a great demo!

In Conclusion

Like I said before, Sony had a pretty good conference this year and they showed off a lot of games that I’m absolutely hyped for! But they faltered in some aspects of their conference and that stopped this showcase from being an amazing E3 conference! Hopefully next year they’ll improve on their presentation skills and not make the same mistakes

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