Ranking The Top Five Announcements From Nintendo at E3 2018

The Top Five Announcements From Nintendo at E3 2018

Nintendo came to E3 this year with one thing in mind: that massive Super Smash Bros. reveal! While the Nintendo Direct was shorter than expected – with a few notable omissions – it was packed full of some great new reveals. We are here to count down the top five announcements from Nintendo at E3 2018, so let’s kick things off.

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5. Fortnite on Switch

It was a victim of the inevitable question that has befallen almost every game in the last year: When is it coming to Switch? The massively popular battle royale title with millions upon millions of players is making its way to the most portable console in history, bringing its crazy over-the-top antics to the Nintendo Switch. No one was particularly surprised about this reveal as it had been rumored for ages but to see it come to fruition is a good feeling and Fortnite will mark another great feather in the cap of a console that just isn’t losing steam. Fortnite is already available to download and play, so suit up and go jump off of a bus.

4. Super Mario Party

This was a surprise that shouldn’t have surprised us, the Mario Party series is a staple of Nintendo gaming and to see this come up is going to make a lot of people happy. The Switch is a console not just about portability, but accessibility, letting players player together in all kinds of new ways. The trailer for Super Mario Party showed off a variety of new minigames with some crisp and shiny graphics, but the biggest takeaway here is the functionality of multiple Switchs combined. As shown in the trailer, two switches with distinct maps can be placed on a surface in any manner of configuration, and a swipe from one to the other locks them together in a new play area. This is a fascinating new feature and we can’t wait to see what else Super Mario Party has in store to make use of the Switch’s crazy tech.