The Top 20 Games Headed to the Nintendo Switch in 2018

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes – 2018 – Grasshopper Manufacture

Back in the days of the Wii, Nintendo originally exclusively had No More Heroes – an over the top 3rd person open world brawler/fighter with stylistic cell-shade graphics and one hell of a unique protagonist in Travis Touchdown. Travis returns home exclusively to the Switch in what is sure to be a raunchy, violent, and equally stylistic return to form. The trailer looks phenomenal, and I was tempted to shorten this blurb simply to “From Suda51” and leave it at that, because what more do you need?

Available on Switch


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – 2018 – Bethesda

If you haven’t yet heard of Wolfenstein II, welcome to Earth! Bethesda’s sequel in the alternate history where Nazi’s won the war has been explosive in the gaming community for its epic story, characters, voice acting, graphics, and pretty much every aspect about it. While you may already have the game for Nintendo’s competing consoles, it makes the list for not only adding one of the most interesting games in years to its roster and proving the Switch isn’t just for kids (alongside Skyrim and Doom) it’s also for that wonderful mobility factor of taking the game anywhere on the go.

Available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC


Yoku’s Island Express – 2018 – Team17

Nintendo is no stranger to unique games, and Yoku is no different. Yoku’s Island Express will see players go about delivering mail on the island of Mokumana. Yoku traverses the game to deliver the mail through the use of pinball mechanics, of all things, as he sets out on his quest to rebuild the post office and awaken an ancient god. Developed by Villa Gorilla, as strange as the game sounds it looks like a lot of fun and a fresh idea in video games.

Available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Yoshi – 2018 – Nintendo

Yoshi, much like Kirby, has been a series of experimentation what with having an entire game based around wool for example. In the upcoming self-titled Yoshi, however, things take a simpler turn, offering a side-scrolling platformer on a 2D plane in which the camera can be swapped from front to back. Yoshi is also able to use the eggs that follow him as projectiles not only in front of him but in the background and foreground, creating a unique depth of field. Devouring enemies will supply more eggs, and the game is set to offer a co-op multiplayer mode to its charms. Yoshi will unmistakably be a must-have title on Switch in 2018

Available on Switch


Truberbrook – Q4 2018 – BTF

The final entry in our list just so happens to be a doozy. Truberbrook is an indie title crafted around mystery and exploration. You’ll play as a physicist looking for a little relaxation in Germany, 1967. The game deals with anomalies in time and is generally very creepy, however, it’s presented in a rather Tim Burton-esque stop motion-like art style that you cannot help but stare at. Truberbrook began on Kickstarter, asking for $121,000 to finish the project which it reached within 30 hours. Truberbrook exudes atmosphere and mystery, it’s the kind of game you can take in handheld mode and curl up in bed in the dark playing until the sun comes out.

Available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Linux


So there you have it, 20 games coming to the Switch in 2018 that you absolutely must keep your eyes peeled for. Are there any entries we missed? What did you think of these games? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.