The Top 20 Games Headed to the Nintendo Switch in 2018

Crazy Justice –  Q2 2018 – Blackriddles Studio

The best way to describe Crazy Justice is Team Fortress 2 meets Overwatch meets Fortnite, with a little steampunk thrown in. That description alone should grab your attention, as Crazy Justice looks like an over the top 3rd person shooter with serious potential. The game borrows Fortnite’s crafting system and offers highly destructible environments, touting it will have a large cast of characters to choose from. We also see from the trailer it will rely on cards for equipment and abilities. The Switch doesn’t feature much in the way of 3rd person shooters, so Crazy Justice should find itself right at home on your TV or on the go.

Available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Descenders – 2018 – Project Squid/No More Robots

Project Squid and No More Robots have gone out on a limb and tried to do something fresh for the BMX and extreme biking genre. There are plenty of motocross and BMX games over the years that pride themselves on being simulations and serious, stand up games, but Descenders is about having fun and doing something intensely different. The game is described as “extreme procedural freeriding” and while the graphics may not look cutting edge, the camera angles and extreme controls of the bikes look fantastic. If the game offers multiplayer action this could be a huge boost to biking games.

Available on Switch and PC


Fe – 2018 – Zoink / EA Originals

The short and simple name reflects the dark and adorable little creature you will play in Fe. Developed by Zoink and produced by EA Originals, Fe is an action adventure title played as the titular fox-like creature. Fe is able to communicate to everything in the forest around it through music, using songs to get help and a variety of effects. The forest has been invaded by the Silent Ones and Fe is here to help protect the forest. The game has minimum HUD or instructions, instead encouraging you to observe the world and how it reacts to use it to your advantage. Fe is highly anticipated and should be on everybody’s radar.

Available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Fossil Hunters – 2018 – Reptoid Games

Fossil Hunters is a creative and charming indie title about archaeologists exploring the depths of caves and expansive deserts in search of fossils. It’s all about discovering pieces of fossils and putting them together to create your own unique skeletons, earning rewards for the more unique and rare fossils you create. It’s a lighthearted game sure to inspire and captivate the young ones, not to mention keep dinosaur enthusiasts entertained. Fossil Hunters hit Kickstarter looking for $35,000 and recently reached $36,000, so look forward to its release in 2018!

Available on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One


Project Octopath Traveler (Working Title) – 2018 – Square Enix

Square Enix appears not once, but twice on this list, hitting us hard with Project Octopath Traveler. If you are one of the lucky few to have got your hands on the Super NES Classic, you’ll undoubtedly have tried out Final Fantasy 3 (another Square classic!) and Octopath Traveler looks and feels incredibly similar with one very distinct difference: 16-bit sprites in what they call “HD-2D.” Players will have eight heroes and their stories to explore in this stylistically gorgeous game that feels both fresh and familiar. Square Enix is looking to have a huge year in 2018 and Project Octopath Traveler will be a large part of it.

Available on Switch

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