The Top 20 Games Headed to the Nintendo Switch in 2018

Top 20 Games Headed to the Nintendo Switch in 2018

Nintendo has hit it big with the overwhelming success of their latest hybrid console, the Switch. Winning the Game Awards’ GotY with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and putting out a number of absolutely stellar titles including Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Super Mario Odyssey. Everyone is wondering just what the new year will have in store for Switch fans. 2018 will be hard pressed to top Switch’s launch year, but perhaps these 20 upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch in 2018 will keep the streak of quality titles alive. Keep in mind these are not all Switch exclusives, but titles you should nonetheless get for the Nintendo Switch if you can spare the cash!

Kirby Switch


Lost Sphear – January 23 – Square Enix

From Square Enix comes a spiritual successor to I Am Setsuna that seems warmly familiar, with gameplay reminiscent of the old Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy games. Lost Sphear tells the story of a world fading away into nothing, and only by restoring memories of the land will the world come back together. With an all-new combat system and charming gameplay, Square Enix is bound to hit it big with Lost Sphear, and fans of the classic Super Nintendo era RPG’s would be remiss to overlook it.

Available on Switch, PS4, and PC.


Away: Journey to the Unexpected – Q1 2018 – Playdius Games

Unorthodox games can be a gamble, but Playdius Games has created something I can’t stop thinking about. Away: Journey to the Unexpected is a first-person adventure game where you will cut your own path, recruiting allies to your cause with rogue-lite features. The game promises that each character recruited will be playable, which of course lends itself to advantages in various situations. If the concept doesn’t quite strike you, the art style definitely will. It’s worth noting the game was originally set for release in 2017 but it seems to be locked in for 2018 now. I can’t pin down how to describe it, you simply have to see it for yourself!

Available on Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac

Flipping Death – Q1 2018 – Zoink

Flipping Death was originally announced during the Switch’s big launch release, and I personally have been dying to get my hands on this adventure platformer ever since. From Zoink, Flipping Death tells the story of Penny Doewood, a woman who has unfortunately died and been hired by death to help the dead by possessing the living. There are a multitude of platformers out there, but Flipping Death‘s gameplay and core mechanics make it so much more than that. Add the fact that it looks like Tim Burton put it together and this is sure to be a great experience at home or on the go.

Available on Switch (Multiplatform at a later date)


Kirby Star Allies – Q1 2018 – Nintendo

The Kirby series has made a name for itself in innovations: it’s been one of those places Nintendo tries out new concepts and somehow always comes out with a smash hit. Kirby Star Allies is no different, this time adding some serious multiplayer to the mix. Kirby will be able to launch hearts at his enemies, turning them into allies. These can be controlled by CPU or other players who will work together as a team to traverse classic style Kirby stages. New to the series, Kirby will be able to use supercharged attacks based on what creatures his allies are. Kirby is a staple of any Nintendo library and it will no doubt be a huge hit when it arrives in the new year.

Available on Switch


Light Fingers – Q1 2018 – Numizmatic Games

From Numizmatic Games Corporation, Light Fingers is a unique multiplayer game that offers a little of everything. Players compete in this tavern board game to try and earn the most riches while doing their best to sabotage one another. The board unfolds with procedurally generated sections with player pieces having to make it through all sorts of tricks and traps. Players can also play cards either to their advantage or to the enemies disadvantage. The details are still a little unclear but this could be the party game for those who need a challenge beyond Mario Party.

Available on Switch

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