Top 10 PlayStation 4 Games to Watch For in 2018

Detroit: Become Human (Q1/Q2)

Detroit: Become Human might be the most interesting game on this list. We know Quantic Dream has a penchant for storytelling, as past games Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, and Beyond: Two Souls have weaved terrific tales around life-like characters and some harrowing situations. This new game will be tackling the idea of human-like android as servants to actual humans, despite barely being able to tell the difference between the two. Each trailer emphasizes how the situations that played out could have ended differently, focusing on how the player will choose the fate of each of these characters through their actions and attention to detail. The ambition is undeniable, but will Detroit: Become Human be just as impressive in action? Only 2018 will tell, but we can’t wait.


Metro Exodus

One of the most pleasant surprises from E3 2017 was the return of Metro, a now-trilogy of games based on a series of novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky. This new game Metro Exodus sees the hero of the previous game Artyom searching for a new life, as he’s now married and protecting more than just himself. We’ll travel through many of Russia’s natural landmarks in search of an eastbound train that promises that new beginning, but God only knows what sorts of horrors will be hidden between Artyom and his goal. Metro Exodus is a game we firmly have our eyes on, and hopefully, the current “2018” release window will soon become more specific.

Red Dead Redemption 2

It’s hard to believe, but eight years will have passed between the original Red Dead Redemption and its new sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2 hitting shelves. Eight years since we traveled the lonely and hostile Wild West with one John Marston, cleaning up his past sins and watching as that hero’s past ultimately caught up to him. This new game actually takes us to a time before John Marston’s redemption, when the Van Der Linde game ran wild across the frontier. Rockstar Games has been coy so far as to what exactly we can expect when it’s time to return to the West, but we suspect those floodgates to open soon after the calendar changes. If there’s one thing Rockstar knows aside from making great games it’s how to create hype for them, and we are ready to feel it.

So, what did we miss? Are there any games coming in 2018 that you’re pumped about? We’d love to hear from you so leave a comment below or hit us up over on Twitter!