The Top 10 Pairings We Would Love to See in Video Games

5. Gordon Freeman and Master Chief – Brains and Brawn

Just reading those two names side by side probably made more than a few people smile. Gordon Freeman – the ultimate silent protagonist – teaming up with Master Chief would be a thing of legend. Their combined experience, power, and intelligence would make for the ultimate two player shooter. Put their respective enemies together – the Combine with the Covenant and the Head Crabs with the Flood – and you have an inter-dimensional galactic incident on your hands. Now how exactly are these two supposed to coordinate their actions…

Half-Life: AlyxHalo 4 Feature

4. Atreus and Spyro – A Boy and his Dragon

While Kratos is off saving the realm with Bayonetta, Atreus is finally trusted to protect himself. What if he stumbled across a small purple dragon who didn’t want to eat him, but just kind of hang out? Without his old man around to keep him in check, Atreus could loosen up and be a kid again, while still being a lethal archer that could show his new dragon pal the woods and the mountain. We all wanted Atreus to have those moments of just being a child, even if his world were harsh, so what if he met someone sassy who could help him just be a kid? We would love to see these two team up in each others game (imagine an overly realistic Spyro!)

God of WarSpyro

3. Geralt of Rivia and Parvati – Salty and Sweet

Geralt quite definitively would rather nothing more than to slay monsters and collect his coin. Parvati is the absolute bleeding soul of the galaxy and will do anything to help anyone who deserves even a shred of dignity and respect. Parvati was the very heart and soul of The Outer Worlds, a game that had no purpose containing someone so inexplicably sweet. Geralt, however, comes from a glib world of death and destruction, where strife is an every day part of life. Not unlike the pairing of Isabelle and Doom Slayer, imagine what these two could teach each other. How often Parvati might plead Geralt show someone mercy until she slowly realizes not all can be saved. Despite the kindness of many characters in the Witcher like Triss Merigold, Geralt has never met someone so kind as Parvati and their interactions would be gold.

the witcher 3the outer worlds

2. Sam Porter Bridges and Lara Croft – Survivors

Sam Porter Bridges leads a lonely, solitary life. His days are filled with danger and survival is of the utmost importance. Sure you could pair him up with the likes of Nathan Drake, but his loud mouthed antics and bravado would get them both killed. No, for Sam to survive he needs someone who can handle the same situations he faces, and that couldn’t be anyone other than Lara Croft. Lara could seamlessly enter the world of Death Stranding and make it out alive (albeit with some brutally gory death scenes here and there) Lara and Sam would make a fantastic team to support one another and watch each others back as they get the network back online and fight against raiders and thieves. These two could probably be swapped between their respective games and still come out on top.

Death Stranding BBTomb Raider 20th Anniversary 2

1. Glados and Aloy – Frenemies to the End

This idea is explosive. This notion is volatile to the extreme, and we love it. Imagine that moment when Aloy first encounters Glados, after everything she has been through, and has to work together against a common enemy. The animosity, the shouting, the misunderstanding, the sentry turrets filled with arrows! Not to mention the sharp as a knife banter between the two. Glados would pit Aloy against challenges made for ordinary humans and she would easily surpass them with her years surviving in the wild. Aloy would override and command any sentry turrets she could just to prove Glados was not infallible. The tension between these two would be huge and you would never know what to expect around the corner. I wonder if the portal gun could be combined with a carja bow…

Villains - GLaDOS - Portal-minHorizon: Zero Dawn 2

What do you think of our ideas? Are there any pairings you would love to see explode with popularity like Isabelle and Doom Slayer? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.