The Top 10 Pairings We Would Love to See in Video Games

Top 10 Pairings We Would Love to See in Gaming

One of the most wholesome and uplifting things to happen in the gaming community in recent years is the unexpected pairing of Doom Slayer and Animal Crossing’s Isabelle as best friends. It started as an innocuous Twitter joke and has spiraled into something adored by fans of both games – despite their stark contrast in styles. The odds of such a natural pairing occurring again is sadly pretty low, but we can’t help but wonder what other video game characters could make an excellent new duo. Here are the Top 10 Pairings we Would Love to See in Gaming. This list is clearly just for fun, so feel free to let us know your ideas and what you think of what we came up with!

10. Kratos and Bayonetta – Wrath and Lust

Kratos would probably begin an encounter with Bayonetta by trying to decapitate her, but the sultry witch might be a little too unpredictable at first to be caught. While Isabelle and Doom Slayer are so interesting because of their opposite franchises, the notion of the stoic and fierce God of War teaming up with the rather ‘ahem’ flirtatious witch would make for some epic scenes. Imagine if they appeared in each other’s games! The chaos they would bring to one another’s worlds! Kratos would only accept her presence so long as she was useful, and Bayonetta would most likely spend every moment taunting and teasing him.

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9. Dante and Commander Shepard – The Odd Couple

One is a sassy, fast-talking, son of a demon. The other is a high ranking member of an elite military squad bent on the protection of the galaxy. With Dante‘s near-indestructible nature and carefree attitude, pitting him with the paragon (or renegade) of virtue would make for some great tension as the two are forced to work together in dire times. Shepard might try to arm Dante with a new gun only to be scoffed at for his love of Ebony and Ivory. Dante might try to show off his skills with Rebellion only to be shut down by Shepard‘s Omniblade. These two would be at each others throats like Captain America and Iron Man, but happily come together to save the day.

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8. Johnny Gat and Pagan Min – Psychopaths With Class

Never in a million years would you have thought to put these two in the same room, but the potential for hilarious destruction and carnage abounds. Johnny Gat‘s explosive temper and cavalier attitude has gotten him into plenty of hair situations, while Pagan Min isn’t exactly known for his subtleties. These two could get along perfectly and do it while looking stylish and taking no shit. Both men sit on the verge of being incredible cool and frightfully dangerous, but putting them on the same side would most likely see them trying to up the ante on one another when it comes to explosive damages and unprecedented violence.

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7. Duke Nukem and Senua – Worst Date Ever

The hardest part of this list is trying to figure out who would be the most entertaining pair with Duke. He might be one dimensional, but the real question is who would have the most unique reaction to his overly libidinous actions. Pitting him up with Senua might finally be the very brutal slap in the face Duke needs to get a rude awakening and smarten up – maybe several of them for good measure. Duke would no doubt be a formidable bit of firepower to help Senua on her journey against the invaders, but he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from flirting. Senua‘s grief and raw, independent power, however, would easily knock the big man down a few pegs and while I wouldn’t want to see her suffer his attempts at attraction, I think she’s the kind of person that could keep him in check through fear.

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6. Kait Diaz and Sarah Kerrigan – Getting Shit Done

Both are highly trained, effective soldiers. Both have abilities beyond the scope of normal humans. And both are willing to fly against the face of authority to do what is right. Alone, either of these women is a dominating force in their respective games. Together, I don’t think anything could stop them. Imagine just how brutally satisfying it would be to play a Gears style game in the StarCraft universe! Kait and Sarah would prove an unstoppable force on par with the likes of Army of Two or the sisters in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, and both of them are all too familiar dealing with swarms of disturbingly grotesque alien entities.

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