Top 10 ‘Must Have’ Weapons Guide for Fallout 4

By now we’re sure you’ve had some time to really get into the Wastelands of Boston in Bethesda’s latest, Fallout 4. As you likely well know, Fallout’s irradiated wasteland is rife with danger. Having the right arsenal at your disposal is crucial to ensure that you don’t have to keep reloading your last save. The Commonwealth has powerful, unique weapons by the tenfold — you just need to know where to find them. Some unique weapons offer special bonuses on top of their base stats, while others just help eliminate your foes in morbidly delightful ways. Here’s how you can find some of the unique and rare weapons in Fallout 4. NOTE *Click on the maps for a bigger photo*

Alien Blaster Pistol

Location: Near Oberland Station

Bonus: Alien weaponry

Alien Pistol Location 1

This nifty little piece of alien technology is the only one of its kind in the game. It uses special ammo which is scarce, but you can modify it to accept fusion cells. To find the alien blaster, head to Oberland Station settlement. Search the surrounding area for burning trees and you’ll see a downed spacecraft. Look for a trail of green alien blood and follow it all the way to a cave — enter the cave and an injured martian will open fire at you. Give him a warm Earth welcome and retrieve the Alien blaster.

Alien Blaster Pistol 1 (800x450)

The Shish Kebab

Location: Saugus Ironworks

Bonus: Fire damage

Shish Kebab Location 2

Unlike the original Shish Kebab in the previous Fallout; this one isn’t made from a make-shift lawnmower blade with a gas engine attached — it’s a modified wakashi blade. Technically, this is not a unique weapon as it can also be a rare drop from legendary enemies. Head to Saugus Ironworks and you will be met with extreme opposition from raiders. Fight your way inside and work your way to the top level, prepare to face a legendary enemy named Slag. Defeat him and loot the Shish Kebab. The best part about this modded sword is barbecuing your enemies after you kill them.

Shish Kebab 2 (800x450)

Grognak’s Axe

Location: Hubris Comics

Bonus: Causes more stagger, bleeding damage

Grognak Ax Location 3
Here’s your chance to embody the all powerful Grognak the Barbarian with this replica axe. This two-handed axe staggers the target when you hit them and will make them bleed for additional damage. The ax is located at Hubris Comics — inside you’ll be greeted by a few ghouls. They shouldn’t give you too much trouble. Look around the first room and find a glass case. Unlock the case and pick up Grognak’s Axe. Combine this with Grognak’s costume and you can terrorize the Commonwealth as a renowned comic book hero.

Grognak's Ax 3 (800x450)

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