The Top 10 Indie Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2021

Watch Out for These 10 Indie Games in the Coming Year

Well, the end of 2020 is approaching quickly, and for many of us, it couldn’t come soon enough. No doubt, it’s been the Year From Hell in many ways, but fear not. 2021 is just around the corner, and as they say, the darkest hour is just before dawn. A new year brings new hope, and most importantly, new Indie games. If you’re a gamer you know that Indie games are often among the best, most original, most creative offerings each year. And 2021 is no exception — sit back as we at COGconnected once again bring you our annual list of the most promising, most exciting and most intriguing upcoming Indies to look out for in the coming year.

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10. Little Nightmares II – Releases Feb. 11, 2021 on all platforms

It’s been three whole years since Indie gem Little Nightmares first dropped, but its brilliant puzzle-platforming mixed with horrifically grotesque visuals has had us hungry for more ever since. And in 2021 it looks like we’ll get our wish, as the upcoming sequel, Little Nightmares II, looks like it will deliver all of the elements that made the original great, and then some. This time, original protagonist Six is joined by Mono, and there is now a much larger environment to explore as you face dangers that look to be every bit as horrifying as the first game. This is one indie nightmare that’s shaping up to be a dream come true.

9. Deathloop – Releases May 21, 2021 on PS5 and PC

The premise for PS5 exclusive Deathloop is instantly compelling: you’re stuck in a time loop in which you have to find and kill eight people who are keeping you trapped. But there’s also another assassin, and she’s out to stop you. The Edge of Tomorrow twist is only part of what makes Deathloop so exciting; there’s also the fact that the rival assassin, named Julianna, can be played by another human player, which will make for some super-fun PvP gameplay. This is also one title that will apparently take full advantage of the PS5 DualSense controller’s haptic feedback as well. Put it all together and the recent announcement of a confirmed May 2021 release date has us really excited for Deathloop’s launch.

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8. Tunic – Releases 2021(?) on Xbox One and PC

As an indie project that’s been gestating for years, discussion of adventure game Tunic among our most anticipated indies has become something of an annual tradition of sorts at COGconnected, and you will recall that we had it in our previous year’s list as well. Disappointingly, it didn’t end up being released in 2020, but here’s hoping that in 2021 Tunic finally sees the light of day. It’s still got us excited for its Zelda-like concept and cute, cuddly fox hero, and that huge open world looks as enticing as ever. Developer Finji says it’s a game “shrouded in mystery and intrigue,” and that seems to sum up its development as much as the game itself. We haven’t heard much news this past year, but the game’s developer has recently confirmed to IGN that he is still hard at work on it. So hey, maybe no news is good news?

7. Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion – Releases 2021 on Switch

As our own Paul Sullivan puts it, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, coming this year for the Switch, might have the distinction of having the best title for a game ever. And by the looks of it, the actual game looks pretty damn cool as well. The concept has you avoiding taxes, committing crimes and engaging in an all-out fight with the government — pretty heavy stuff for such a cute little indie game. You also do other fun stuff too, like fight monsters and collect treasure. Like many titles these days, it’s inspired by the SNES-era visuals, and Turnip Boy himself is just so damn cute, we can’t wait to play this neat indie game when it hits the Switch.

6. Eastward – Releases 2021 for Switch and PC

This little indie project was supposed to release this year, in 2020, but so far no dice. Let’s hope that 2021 is the year we finally get to inhabit Eastward’s post-apocalyptic world, so full of gorgeous detail and surprising charm for what is supposed to be a bleak, depressing setting. Apparently inspired by 90s-era Japanese animation, Eastward is an adventure in which you guide protagonists John and Sam as they make their way through a decaying urban landscape that’s chock full of quirky characters, weird monsters and lots of hidden areas and secrets unlocked by puzzle-solving. This is one indie game that promises hours of great storytelling combined with fun gameplay, so definitely keep your eye out for it.

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