Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass is Worth Its Weight in Gold

Minecraft Dungeons Season Pass Impressions

Since launching earlier this year, Minecraft Dungeons has been providing players with brand new, paid downloadable content every few months. The first two DLC packs, Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winter, arrived in July and September respectively and were available individually or through the Hero Pass. The best part about these DLC packs was that they picked up the Minecraft Dungeons story from the conclusion of the main game, offering a true expansion instead of just new levels. These new DLC packs also took players to new biomes including the jungle and a snowy island. Mojang Studios apparently isn’t done supporting Minecraft Dungeons and has mapped out a brand new set of four DLC packs. These four new DLC packs will be available through a new pass called the Season Pass. Even if you purchased the Hero Pass, you’ll need to buy the Season Pass to unlock these new adventures or you can purchase them a la carte.

Howling Peaks, the first of the four upcoming DLC packs contained within the Season Pass, provides a similar amount of content that fans have come to enjoy from previous Minecraft Dungeons DLC packs. Fans will get two brand new levels and a new secret level, all contained within a new area. Each level is quite large, taking upwards of an hour to complete, and filled with treasure chests and secret areas. The Howling Peaks DLC also continues the same post-game story that we were introduced to in the Jungle Awakens DLC. In addition, players will also get new armour, weapons and artifacts to help them as they square off against new mobs such as the Squall Golem.

Don’t Look Down

The first Howling Peaks level features a long climb up a vast mountain. It’s probably the most vertical level in Minecraft Dungeons thus far. Along the trek, you’ll encounter vast bridges spanning over deep chasms and a large elevator to help with your ascent. Howling Peaks also introduces a new wind feature, creating new obstacles and puzzles that utilize the heavy gusts of wind. If you’re not careful, you’ll get blown away, setting your progress back. The second level brings players to a massive wind temple, filled with close-quarter battles and unique wind-based puzzles. The level, unfortunately, concludes with one of the dullest boss battles Minecraft Dungeons has to offer – but that’s really one of the only glaring issues with this new DLC.

Minecraft Dungeons - Season Pass - Howling Peaks

The Howling Peaks DLC is available now. For Minecraft Dungeons’ fans, it’s easy to recommend the Season Pass, as you’ll gain immediate access to Howling Peaks, and you’ll have three more DLC packs unlocking sometime in the future. As for what those three DLC packs could be, nothing has been officially announced, but rumblings on the internet suggest we might see The Nether, the Ocean, and The End. If you haven’t had the chance to try Minecraft Dungeons, I highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy a fun couch co-op game. Be sure to check out our Minecraft Dungeons review.

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