Minecraft Dungeons Video Review – Smooth Transition to ARPG Territory

Minecraft Dungeons Video Review

Hundreds of millions of people have played Minecraft in one form or another, and there’s no sign of the franchise slowing down anytime soon. So it’s only natural that Mojang would want to expand that empire into other genres. Thus, Minecraft Dungeons. All of the frantic fun of a Diablo-style ARPG, with none of the complex barriers to entry. Yet, how well does Minecraft hop the fence into action RPG territory? Aside from a few hitches, the transition is a smooth one. To watch our full video review of Minecraft Dungeons, hit play on the video below!

In Minecraft Dungeons, the Arch Illager has stolen a glowing purple plot device, and it’s up to you to save the world from his new-found powers. This entails chasing his trail through a gauntlet of dungeons, each one keyed to a different biome. While everything looks gorgeous, the puzzles are a straight-forward affair. It’s just an army of monsters between you and your goals. There’s no head-scratchers to contend with, but you’ll surely have fun along the way.

Your weapons consist of swords, spears, pick-axes, daggers, and bows. There’s no magic system to speak of, beyond the skills built into the weapons and relics you pick up. Every weapon and armor piece can be upgraded, but your progress in this is hampered by your difficulty setting. In terms of story, once the initial set of cutscenes are finished, the game is all dungeons, all the time. This is perfect for keeping the pace nice and brisk, but story-hungry players will come away unsatisfied. Since there’s so little story to chew on, the aesthetic presentation is extra important. Here, Dungeons delivers in spades. The graphics are this delicate blend of blocky shapes and beautiful lighting effects. The sound feels rich and organic. Relic effects and weapon strikes all pack a crystal-clear punch, keeping you hooked in the loop for hours at a time. The game may be simple, but the systems in place are implemented with real finesse.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons can keep you hooked with some efficiency, though the loop gets a little stale. There’s no magic, but you do have relics. Weapon upgrades start sparse and stay that way for a while, but all of them are a blast to deploy.  ARPG veterans won’t be too bored, and you can always crank the levels up if you are. Minecraft Dungeons isn’t the finest ARPG we’ve ever picked up, but it’s a terrific first step in your journey. Minecraft fans and action RPG junkies alike would do well to give this one a good look.

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