Step Aside Pennywise, It’s The Top 10 Creepy Clowns in Video Games

Doink the Clown – WWF Wrestlemania

Doink the Clown was once a fixture in the WWF during the mid-1990’s but has since only been seen sporadically. However, he’s been immortalized in the annals of video games with his inclusion in one of the greatest wrestling games ever; “WWF Wrestlemania” (which happened to be available on seven different platforms!). Some of Doink’s moves in “WWF Wrestlemania” include the Joybuzzer and the Happy Hammer – moves you’d expect from a creepy clown!

Creepy Clowns - article

Mad Clown – Super Punch-Out!!

Introducing a clown that’ll take a punch and still smile about it. Mad Clown is probably the biggest clown on this fist, and standing toe-to-toe with Little Mac, he seems utterly gigantic! If you’re not paying attention, he’ll knock you out with his signature move, the “Clown Hook”. I can’t quite recall though, does his red nose squeak when you land a solid punch to his creepy face?

Creepy Clowns - article

Sebastian – Rumble Roses

The second clown wrestler on this list, Sebastian is a bit of a weird one. He’s the only male character in the Rumble Roses series and he’s actually¬†Mistress Spencer’s gimp (kids, I’m not going to explain what that means… please, just ask your parents.). Be careful you don’t fall victim to his humiliation move, the Clown Smash, it’s a bit awkward to watch.

Creepy Clowns - article

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