Step Aside Pennywise, It’s The Top 10 Creepy Clowns in Video Games

Adam & Evan MacIntyre – Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Frank West has had his share of clowns in the Dead Rising series, specifically these two yahoos. Frank first encounters Adam MacIntyre, or Adam the Clown, in “Dead Rising”. He then encounters Adam’s brother, Evan, or Evan the Clown, in “Dead Rising 2: Off The Record”. For all the zombies in the Dead Rising games, it’s probably these creepy clowns that gave gamer’s any nightmares…

Creepy Clowns - article

Bonker – Clayfighter Series

Cult classic “Clayfighter” had a claytastic¬†character cast which included this crazy clown Bonker! Originally a nice clown, he was turned evil when a Clayterian meteor landed where he was sleeping in Playland! With moves like the Merry-Go-Clown and the Super Fifi, this clown might be the last clay-animated clown you’d want to be stuck in a funhouse with! And while we’re talking about Bonker, can someone please advise me why we haven’t seen¬†Clayfighter game since “Clayfighter 63 1/3” on Nintendo 64?

Creepy Clowns - article

Kefka Palazzo – Final Fantasy VI

Experimented on as a teen, which turned him into the first, albeit insane, Magitek Knight, Kefka rose up the ranks to eventually be Emperor Gestahl’s second-in-command. From there, world domination was one his crazy mind. This creepy clown is considered by many fans to be one of the greatest antagonists in the Final Fantasy series. He also had some pretty epic quotes too, “Read my lips, mercy is for wimps! There’s a reason ‘oppose’ rhymes with ‘dispose’ – if they get in your way, kill them!”.

Creepy Clowns - article

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