The Three Best (and Worst) Games of April 2020

The Worst

Resident Evil Resistance

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From one Resident Evil game to another, unfortunately Resident Evil Resistance falls onto page two of this monthly feature. As a 1 v 4 online multiplayer game, Resident Evil Resistance already has the odds against it as fans can easily compare it to the quality of the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3. Specifically, visuals, controls, and overall feel of the game knock it down a few pegs. In our review, we noted that “luckily, [Resident Evil Resistance] is included with the purchase of Resident Evil 3, so at least you’ll always have that to wash out the taste Resistance leaves in your mouth.”

Totally Reliable Delivery Service

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When you put together a physics-based party game, it either works or it doesn’t. While the premise of partying up with others to make deliveries and do other things is intriguing, Totally Reliable Delivery Service unfortunately misses the mark. Ultimately, the game’s repetition and frustration inducing gameplay are its main nagging points. In our review, we noted that “it felt like pulling teeth trying to get through it.”

Cooking Mama: Cookstar

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Cooking Mama brings back some fond memories for many, but unfortunately Cooking Mama: Cookstar is an abomination of a game. Putting aside the issues that the game faced unrelated to the actual in-game experience, the game is definitely not what anyone expected. We found that the game felt like a cheap mobile game port with inconsistent motion controls and an overall lack of substance. We noted in our review that “Cookstar has nuked the kitchen and left us standing among a snowfall of ash and burnt Chicken Tikka Masala.”

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