Ranking The Top 15 Games of E3 2019

5. Final Fantasy Remake VII

Hot damn the hype for this game has been off the charts. Is it justified? Absolutely! Between the gorgeous graphics, the fabulous music, and the delicious gameplay, every second of this demo had me fully on board for the game’s full release next Spring. Alright, so maybe Nomura and pals will be drip-feeding us this project for the next decade, but still! Each one of these protracted installments will be a triumph, a high water mark of heartfelt power and design. I genuinely can’t wait for March.

4. Dying Light 2

It’s not getting the hype it deserves, but Dying Light 2 had the most impressive demo I saw at E3. Games talk about choice all the time, but in Dying Light 2 those choices are shaping up to truly matter. Killing off main characters, losing access to whole sections of the game, these things are not only possible but probable. The parkour system has been tweaked, and the original’s devastating combat has been cranked to 11. Most interesting to me is an increased focus on how humanity is dealing with the infection, and the chance to breathe in the world outside of running from zombies.

3. Link’s Awakening

When die-hard Zelda fans make their lists of the best Zelda games ever made, Link’s Awakening is always somewhere in the top three. If you somehow missed this timeless gem, then rest assured that September will be a good month for you. I love those classic sprites, but holy crap this game looks incredible. It’s as if someone made a breathtaking 3D model of their favorite scene from Link’s Awakening, a model that was wished to life in their deepest dreams. It’s a great time to be a Zelda fan.

2. Watch Dogs Legion

As Paul said in his E3 preview, “Put bluntly, Legion feels much more polished than past entries. Shooting is tighter, driving has improved weight, and moving around is more direct. From minute 1 holding the controller, I felt comfortable, free, and most importantly, capable. Kudos to Ubisoft Toronto for building a game that just feels good.” Watch Dogs Legion is fulfilling the promise the franchise had when first introduced, and although it’ll face stiff competition early next year, fans of open world games are going to love it.

1. Cyberpunk 2077

Somebody had to pick this, so why not the guy who saw the demo? Cyberpunk 2077 was solidified as a game that’s actually coming out, and interestingly it was the minutiae of playing the game that stuck out most. Sure, it looks absolutely incredible and it features Best Dude Keanu Reeves, but seeing how the RPG mechanics and gameplay have been constructed are what got me most amped up. For real though, they hacked a benchpress to crush a guy.

There you have it. Which games did we miss? What did we get wrong? Tell us in the comments below.