Ranking The Top 15 Games of E3 2019

Ranking The Best Games of E3 2019

For us here at COGconnected E3 2019 felt a bit weird. With Sony’s absence from the show, it felt like I was going to an Angels game without Mike Trout in the lineup. I mean the rest of the E3 lineup was fantastic and overall I enjoyed my time at E3, but it also felt like something was missing and that E3 wasn’t nearly as good as it could have been. Regardless, we saw a ton of games and decided to come up with a fun list ranking all the games we saw. So sit back, and enjoy!

Avengers Game

15. After The Fall

Nobody was really talking about it on stage, but VR has gotten incredibly good in the past couple years. After the Fall is promising an intriguing apocalyptic narrative, but most importantly it plays really, really well. Thoughtfully designed levels, great locomotion options, and feeling like a total badass were my take aways from the demo. I only played the combat though, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the other aspects of the game come together in the next several months.

14. Cyber Shadow

Old-school ninja platforming action hasn’t been this good since Ninja Gaiden. Don’t let the familiar graphics fool you; Cyber Shadow is a slick, sumptuous feast of a game. Every move, every moment, and every musical note all weave together into a violent action symphony. If the musical metaphors seem on the nose, know that no amount of praise for this soundtrack would be enough from me. I’ve got a soft spot in my blackened little heart for bangin’ chiptune beats that this game fills with joyous aplomb. Cyber Shadow will set the bar for ninja games the moment it’s released.

13. Sayonara Wild Hearts

I once had a dream that Sailor Moon was in a motorcycle-riding pop band. It wasn’t nearly as beautiful or cool as this game. Sayonara Wild Hearts is a new standard in rhythm games, blending movement and music with breathless ease. I’m desperate for the soundtrack, but I know it won’t be complete without these fantastic visuals. The controls are fluid, the aesthetic is bonkers, and the release date can’t come soon enough.

12. Killsquad

Killsquad is an isometric four-player co-op action shooter about a team of badass mercenaries who will take any contract for the right price. It earned its nomination for its strong teamwork mechanics including shared experience so all players level simultaneously, intuitive and tight controls, combined with crisp graphics and a loot system that is intriguing and fun. It uses roguelite elements, unlocking powerful upgrades during each mission as you level up putting a stronger emphasis on teamwork as you mow down hordes with your ragtag band of brothers, and it’s designed by a team of industry veterans with twenty years of experience in video game design.

11. Monster Hunter Worlds: Iceborne

Monster Hunter World took the legendary franchise and elevated it with the MMO genre to create an overwhelmingly massive world to hunt in. The latest DLC for the game, Iceborne, presents not only the usual upgrades to combat and new combo attacks, but an entire new ecosystem in which to conquer. Entering the frozen lands of Hoarfrost Reach, hunters encounter all-new tracking abilities, wild animals, and of course terrifying monsters. Iceborne not only brings a new set of challenges to the series with a whole host of new features, but it balances on the line of being challenging to veteran players yet accessible to newcomers. The series has never been so beautiful, so graceful, and so strong.

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