Ranking The Top 15 Games of E3 2019

10. Wolfenstein Youngblood

Wolfenstein: Youngblood still plays, and very much feels, like a modern-day Wolfenstein game. But the co-operative elements give the series a fresh new take. This time around developers, MachineGames, will let you play as one of BJ Blazkowicz’s twin daughters where you’ll undertake a mission to find your missing father in 1980s Paris. With new weapons, gadgets and power-up abilities, Youngblood promises to bring in new ways to kick the crap out of Nazis. We spent almost an hour going hands-on with Youngblood at E3 2019 and loved a lot of what we played.

9. Outer Worlds

Games often feature a morale system of good and evil choices, but they don’t often include the third option of raging psychopath. The Outer Worlds offers a little bit of everything in a beautiful mosaic of chaotic gunplay, off-kilter humor, and dialogue options that actually matter. Designed by the team who made Fallout the iconic franchise that it is, The Outer Worlds has branching narrative options, a full stat system that truly has an effect on gameplay, beautiful environments, and is sure to offer a whole host of other surprises when it launches in October.

8. Borderlands 3

It’s difficult to pack everything Borderlands 3 will offer into a quick 15-20 minute E3 2019 demo. But what we did play was pretty damn good and made us want more. The Grand Daddy of looter shooters is back with smooth combat mechanics, hilarious dialogue, crazy characters and all jammed in a world you just want to explore. Everything you love about the previous Borderlands games is back and we have no doubt fans will be happy when Borderlands 3 drops later this year.

7. DOOM Eternal

If you thought 2016’s DOOM game was nuts, wait until you play DOOM Eternal. We went hands-on with the Eternal for nearly an hour at E3 and can’t stop thinking about it. While the Mars setting was a letdown, the new abilities, weapons, and rewards for killing nasty creatures are pretty rewarding. Everything that made the previous game a hit will be on full display yet again and we are confident fans will absolutely love the follow-up to 2016’s mega-hit game.

6. John Wick Hex

Maybe this isn’t quite the John Wick game we all envisioned when we think about the type of John Wick game we want. I mean, a slow turn-based strategy game? Really!?! Surprisingly enough, this John Wick game is exactly what we need. It surpassed all our expectations and was one of the most pleasant surprises from the show. Even in pre-alpha, it felt polished and wonderfully smooth. The layers of strategy in the game is quite remarkable and we cannot wait until it’s eventually released.

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