New Details of Borderlands 3 Gameplay from Creative Director

If You Thought One Vault Was Worth Fighting For…

It seems like only a couple of months ago that Borderlands 3 was announced. With E3 starting up, of course we would see more Borderlands 3, which we did yesterday. During part of E3’s PC Gaming Show, Borderlands 3 Creative Director Paul Sage gave us all some details about what we can expect to enrich the Borderlands experience. Apparently, Borderlands 3 gameplay will include new gear and other elements that will enhance the action as well as endgame content. For instance, while each of the previous Borderlands games each had a Vault the players were in search of, the new game will have many Vaults.

borderlands 3 Gameplay

In Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel, class mods would give players skill bonuses, but to benefit from them, they needed to be unlocked already. Sage said that in Borderlands 3, that would not be necessary. There will also be new items called Artifacts which can increase other kinds of attributes like movement speed and sliding. Grenade and Shield mods are also getting an upgrade. “In the past we had grenades with one thing, they can bounce, stick to things. This time we’re combining all of those things. The other day I threw a grenade that bounced, it would stick, it would explode, and it would fire guns as it was going. We have a ton of different grenades.”

Sage also introduced a feature that appears to replace the Badass Ranks. “We have a thing called the Guardian system. Those who played Borderlands before may remember Badass Ranks, kind of an infinite progression system that added to your stats. We’ve doubled down on that. We have Guardian Rank, but on top of that infinite progression, it has skills and different skins that you can open up as you go through. The cool thing about that is every character on your account gets the benefits of Guardian Rank.” That definitely sounds like Badass Ranks. It is unclear what he meant by having skills, but it sounds guardian, I mean, badass. Borderlands 3 comes out on September 13th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Source: GamesRadar+