The Top 20 Games of 2016 So Far…

12 – Battleborn (PS4, X1, PC)

Summary: Co-op and competitive shooter that has a host of characters with unique abilities.


Take the aesthetics of Borderlands, mix in MOBA elements with some FPS team-based shooting and a few gags, and you’re left with Battleborn. The MOBA influence is the most prevalent with the array of characters to choose from, each with unique powers that recharge after use. If you’re in the mood for a fresh first-person arena style shooter, look no further, but keep in mind Battleborn is definitely best played with friends.

Top 20 Games of 2016 Battleborn


11 – Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Summary: Our favorite lombax and his mechanical companion return with a complete re-envisioning of the universe.


Back in 2002, Ratchet & Clank attempted to embody the feeling of a Pixar movie with its animated worlds, expressive characters, and clever (sometimes adult) humor, and for its time it was done effectively. Fast forward to 2016 and they return bigger, better and funnier than ever. Insomniac, well known for their wacky, over-the-top weapons in games like Resistance and Sunset Overdrive, continue this trend with Ratchet & Clank.There’s a ton of fun to be had with interesting ways to cause chaos including the Morph-O-Ray, Decoy Glove, and the Boom Ball Gun.

Top 20 Games of 2016 Ratchet and Clank


10 – Firewatch (PS4, PC)

Summary: First person narrated adventure with incredible voice acting and an amazing story.


We’re cracking into the top ten of our top 20 games of 2016 so far! Welcome to a game that will completely immerse you thanks to the A-list voice acting and fantastic writing. Firewatch has you trekking through Two Forks Woods and everything is beautiful from the sun peaking through the trees to the mountain tops overlooking the vast landscapes. The story is where Firewatch really shines, without giving too much away, the banter between the two heroes are some of the best acted commentary I’ve seen in video games, period.

Top 20 Games of 2016 firewatch tower


9 – Unravel (PS4, X1, PC)

Summary: Cute and clever platformer that knows how to throw down some great physics based puzzles.


Unravel is a game that relies on the environment way more than your lovable character “Yarny”. The charm of Unravel is undeniable and it’s easy to succumb to the visceral feeling of joy when you step into the vibrant world. If you’re in the mood to kill off 10 or so hours with an adventure puzzle game that will make you go “awww” Unravel is a must buy.

Top 20 Games of 2016 Unravel

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