The Top 20 Games of 2016 So Far…

We Rank The Top 20 Games of 2016 So Far


We’ve been treated to a hearty array of amazing titles that launched in 2016, from returning favorites like Doom to new IPs such as Firewatch. It’s safe to say with all these new titles to play, gaming has become a serious wallet buster. If you’re in the market for a new game but overwhelmed with the sheer variety, we created a list ranking our top 20 games of 2016 to help smooth out the decision process.


20 – Street Fighter V (PS4, PC)

Summary: An improvement on the same great Street Fighter formula that was unfinished at launch.


Starting this list we have our childhood sweetheart returning with Street Fighter V. The game was quite controversial when it came out in February, because while many praised the improved mechanics and gameplay, it still lacked an Arcade mode at its release which is pretty essential to a fighting game. Shoddy business model aside, Street Fighter V still had 16 beautifully rendered characters with returning favorites such as Ryu, Cameo, and Zangief. With updates coming in on a regular basis, Street Fighter V has finally delivered that top notch ass-kickery we all love and slots it at a lucky number 20 in our Top 20 Games of 2016 so far.

Top 20 Games of 2016 Street Fighter


19 – The Walking Dead Michonne (PS4, X1, PC)

Summary:  Michonne got some serious back(story).

In February, Telltale Games released The Walking Dead spin-off, The Walking Dead Michonne featuring our beloved, sword-wielding bad-ass from the show. Each episode gives us more insight to Michonne’s struggle of surviving while suffering from bouts of PTSD. The fight scenes are wonderfully choreographed and the episodes were suspenseful from entry to entry. It also helped that Michonne is a familiar face which made it easy to invest yourself into the character.

Top 20 Games of 2016 The Walking Dead Michonne Featured


18 – Star Fox Zero (Wii U)

Summary: Classic Star Fox with prettier graphics and new environments.


Star Fox Zero returned us to a completely reimagined Star Fox universe, and while it kept the same feel as the SNES version, it boasted new environments to battle through with a steady frame-rate. Blasting through the gamma sector at warp speed is pure heart-pounding action, but the unforgiving controls bring some frustration along with it. Overall, any new addition to the Star Fox franchise is welcomed with open arms.

Top 20 Games of 2016 Star Fox


17 – Total War: Warhammer (PC)

Summary: Total War mixed with Warhammer and it’s delightful.


Build and command your legions to wage warfare on an epic scale while stretching your PC hardware to the absolute limits. In Total War: Warhammer, there’s a nice variety of units including giants, flying pegasus, vampires and wizards (oh my). The game is what you would come to expect with the Total War franchise but with the unit diversity, it really brings the grand scale sieges to life.

Top 20 Games of 2016 Total War Warhammer Review Screen

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